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Message par David » 29 Juin 2013, 11:45


Welcome to the Forum des Amateurs de Thé. This forum was created to give to the french-speaking community a decent place to talk about tea. A lot of solid information about tea is only available in english (and chinese and japanese of course). By creating this forum, we sincerely hope to import some of this information to french-speaking people.

That doesn't mean that english-speaking tea amateurs are not welcome and cannot mingle with the rest of the people here. But please keep in mind that you might not be understood by everyone. This is not a problem as long as it doesn't scare people off. You are welcome to try translation tools such as Google Translate if you want. Worst case scenario, we won't understand you any better, but we will have a good laugh ! ;)

This section of the forum was mainly created to provide some information about this forum, and especially a presentation of our Special Operations to our english-speaking friends. Please refer to the dedicated section.

So, please feel comfortable here. We sincerely hope to enjoy your company.